12th PHOTOVISION 2017 & 1st HI-TECH EXPO, March 11-13 2017

The renown and widely acknowledged Greek Photofair for photography, video and imaging technology

PHOTOVISION 25 years of experience!
Always true to our biennial appointment which has been steadily fulfilled since 1995, we welcome you to the forthcoming Photovision imaging fair and hope to meet you at Photovision ground either in the capacity of exhibitor or visitor.

• 220.000 visitors in total (95% Greeks, 3% from Cyprus and 2% from neighboring Balkan and East Europe countries.
55% professional photographers and video makers
45% consumer photographers and artists)
• 100.000m2 of exhibition space
• 1.100 exhibitors (99% Greeks, 1% from Cyprus and Italy)
• 50 debates
• 150 seminars & workshops
• 120 photo exhibitions with more than 600 photographers showing creative works
• More than 30% attend the event on a more than one working day

PHOTOVISION exhibitors cover all aspects of Imaging products, services and activities:

CAMERAS, LENSES & EQUIPMENT Cameras | Equipment | Accessories | Storage | Lenses | Filters and accessories | 360° Photography | Actioncams | Drones
ASSOCIATIONS & EDUCATION Photographic Unions and Associations, Schools and Groups showcases in various parts of exhibition grounds
LIGHTING, FLASHES & TRIPODS Lighting technology | Light sources | Light modifiers | Reflectors | Softboxes |Tripods & supports | Cases & Backgrounds
INPUT, EDIT & PROCESS Video and film technology | Digital image processing | Accessories | Post processing
STORAGE Memory cards | Storage systems | Online storage services
PHOTOFINISHING & PRESENTATION Printing, hardware & materials | Publishing systems: layout – graphics – multimedia, pre-press and production | Image presentation and personalised photo products | Photofinishing: equipment, systems, order processing | Recycling | Consumable materials for photofinishing | Digital Album | Photobook | Projection | Presentation | Home electronics | Services
HiTech Technology Computers | Software | Mobile Imaging | Smartphone | Tablets | Smart TV | Projector | Digital Cinema | Virtual Reality | Headphones | Wearables | Smart Home Electronics | Telecommunications systems

Key points for participate on the 12th Photovision 2017 & 1st HiTechExpo

• Photovision stands for the acclaimed photo fair which is trusted and revered by most Greek enthusiasts and professionals of imaging sector.
• All competition will take part in Photovision.
• Participating Photovision is the most efficient way of contacting the specific target group of enthusiast and professional photographers with the lowest cost factor and many ways of communicating companies’ brand name and products through the largest photographic magazine in Greece.

Organized by Photographos magazine
PHOTOGRAPHOS is the oldest (first published 989) and most established photo magazine in Greece. In late 2011 our magazine was totally revamped and now has a much richer content and 164 pages per issue. Photographos is printed at 20.000 print run and distributed through news stands. In its present guise our magazine encourages reader participation in many forms (galleries, how to articles etc.) and dedicates many pages to tutorials, techniques, photo school etc., as well as hardware and software tests. It also takes a keen interest in the Greek and international photo art scene, with articles, interviews and portfolios. Commitment to a high-standard of journalism and the active involvement of readers are Photographos keywords to success.

Media sponsor: KATHIMERINI
KATHIMERINI GROUP: One of the largest media groups in Greece comprises Kathimerini daily newspaper, SKAI TV, SKAI, Melodia and Red radio stations.

Communication Media
Photo Business / PBWeekly /

Site And Timing
Former Olympic Stadium of Tae Kwon Do, Palaio Faliro, Exhibition Center has the capacity to meet all exhibitors’ demands. It is comfortably situated next to Tram station and offers easy access by car or public transport. Photovision is the biggest local imaging event attracting visitors not only from Greece but also from Cyprus and Balkan countries.

Cultural And Educational Events

A large part of PHOTOVISION success must be attributed to the cultural events which are carefully planned to complement the commercial aspect. They comprise photographic exhibitions, seminars, open forums and debates. Many special interest seminars will be held, covering the following subjects: Photoshop/Lightroom Digital post processing, Portrait and Wedding Photography, Professional Video etc.